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LuxCal can be downloaded on various freeware web sites. On this page however, you can always download the latest LuxCal calendar versions.

The LuxCal calendar is available in two flavours:

Both versions have exactly the same functionality.

Currently available user interface languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.
The LuxCal calendar downloads below include all language packs. Language pack updates since the last LuxCal release will be posted separately below for download.
Please note that language packs are made for a specific LuxCal version.
It will be highly appreciated if you send us a copy of new translations and/or updates, so that we can make them available to other users.

Download LuxCal Calendar

With the links below you can download the latest versions of the LuxCal calendar.

This new LuxCal version 5.1.1 includes interesting new features, technical improvements and bug fixes.

♦ Fully prepared for PHP 8.
♦ A new Day Marking feature has been added. Calendar days can be 'marked' with a specified color and a text at the top of the day cell.
♦ A simple Side Panel info text editor has been added to the calendar, to create/edit info texts for to be displayed in the side panel.
♦ On the admin's Settings page a free-format text message can be specified, which will be added as a paragraph to the end of reminder email messages.
♦ If the PHP multi-byte extension is installed, the printing of PDF files supports UTF-8 text (European fonts, Cyrillic fonts, Greek fonts, Asian fonts, etc.).

See LuxCal Forum "What's New" for a summary of all changes for this LuxCal version.

Download Language Packs

Language packs updated since LuxCal 5.1.1 can be downloaded via the links below:

LuxCal Version History

For a detailed change log of previous LuxCal versions and the planned changes for the next version, please check out the LuxCal Forum: What's New.

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